Monday, February 28, 2011

BM versus BI

Some computer terms translated to BM,

Don’t you think that computer terminology in Bahasa Malaysia is really weird?

Cakera Keras = Hard Disk

Tetikus = Mouse

Papan Kunci = Keyboard

CD-ROM = Cakera Padat Ingatan Melalui Pembacaan (CP-IMP) – Isn’t that bit too much to ingat? Try pronouncing that without twisting your tongue or pausing to think. IMPs?

Monitor = What’s the term for this? KETUA DARJAH?

Modem = Could it be called “PEMPEND” <– PEModulasi, PENDemodulasi?

Motherboard = “Papan Ibu” probably? Maybe the best motherboards can be awarded the “Papan Ibu Mithali” then?

Sound Card = Kad Bunyi?

Sound Blaster = Peletup Bunyi?

Pipeline Burst Cache = Duite Garisan Paip Meletup?

Local Bus = Bas Tempatan? Sounds good to me.

VESA Local Bus = Bas Tempatan VESA?

Flatbed = Katil leper? OR Katil Rumah Pangsa (Flat)?

WWW = Sarang labah-labah Selebar Dunia (SSD)? Sounds quite convincing to me.

Then what would you call daughterboards? Papan anak perempuan? That sounds a little kinky for me :) ) What about SIMMs and DIMMs and such…?

*laf* wonder what would you call ink jets then :) Pancutan Dakwat???

What about “Plug and Play [tm]“? :) Hmmm..Plug and play….Cucuk dan Main??? Somehow I think not.

Joystick = Batang Gembira or Batang Ria?? Damn obscene man!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Aku Dan Nikon

Hye semua...I'm be back for the new are you?? hope everthing fine as well..for my latest entry I want to show to you all about my photo collection.maybe its not good as a professional photographer but I think its have much more meaning to me...yesss for me..sangat2 will show you my collections since I got the NIKON in year 2008..and yess...for 2 years I learn how to take the pics, how to use auto and manual..and then I give a try..seriously..I can't live without My Nikky..the name of My much its much its was..and that's's worth..enjoys it..All bout Nature..